Bijou Wear Roxy (Size 4 Only)

$195.00 CAD $136.50 CAD

Roxy Cinema is a study in monochrome, nuanced yet sleek and classic like the age of the silver screen. The diamonds make for an understated luxurious look in this strong jaquard woven wrap featuring Bijou's "EcoCel" blend.

Cinema offers lovely moldability and fantastic drape with interesting nubby texture. This is a fabulous wrap that does not sag with big babes and toddlers. Its significant cush upon first wash and wear also makes it lovely for use with little babies as well. 

The diamond-like Roxy design folds on itself in endlessly fascinating ways, and when the rigid geometric structure wraps around curves it is perfection. In bunched passes, a wrapper writes his or her own story in straight-sided shapes and Xs. 

The undyed cotton warp of Roxy Cinema provides a sturdy base for the combined Eco2cotton® and TENCEL® weft.

Eco2cotton® yarn is made of recycled cotton products -- think of the cuttings that would otherwise fall to the floor at a t-shirt factory. What a fabulous idea! It is undyed after it is spun into yarn, creating no new pollutants and using no more water to make. However, it retains its own special mix of colors from the dyes that were in its source fabrics.

TENCEL® is a fiber made from sustainably harvested trees. It behaves like wool's low-maintenance cousin ... cozy and smooshy in hand like wool, but machine washable.

The color varies in different light. These photos represent the range of looks that Cinema achieves, but despite these efforts the color may be different in person than it appears on your screen.