Macciatto Zen (Wool) Onbuhimo

$195.00 CAD $155.00 CAD
The Fidella Onbu Zen is made of 50 % wool and describes the harmonic balance of the Zen stones.

Not only the wool but also the warmth in the color will keep you warm during the cold weather. A mix of beige and brown colors that have the name latte macchiato. Who does not want a cup of hot coffee now?

But also if you don?t like coffee, you will love our new design. The design is as classical as the Classic Weave of this carrier. The pattern repeats itself in an harmonic way on the whole Fusion.

Features of the Fidella Onbuhimo back carrier
Our Onbuhimo is very comfortably to wear for parents and for children. It is also individually adaptable and supports the recommended spread-squat-position.
Padded leg openings
Infinitely adjustable backpanell and bridge