Bijou Wear Stella Galaxy Ring Sling

$185.00 CAD $133.20 CAD

Bijou Wear wrap conversion ring sling

This beautiful ring sling has been converted by Sew Funky with a reversible gathered shoulder.

Bijou wear Stella Galaxy Specifics:

Looking into the darkest night, with stars twinkling, winking down at you in perfect contrast, is truly an inspiring sight. Now you can wear the perfection that is the majesty of the night sky with Stella Galaxy!

Galaxy offers all the support of Eco2cotton®, a nubby recycled yarn, combined with a low percentage of Tencel for softness. We call this blend, on a cotton warp, EcoCel. It's like buying the perfect newborn-to-toddler wrap already broken in!

The fun retro star design, inspired by mid-century modern style, is adorned with whimsical swirls and the Bijou needle-and-thread B logo. It looks especially amazing in this black/white colorway!

Eco2cotton® yarn is made of recycled cotton products -- think of the cuttings that would otherwise fall to the floor at a t-shirt factory. What a fabulous idea!

TENCEL® is a fiber made from sustainably harvested trees. It behaves like wool's low-maintenance cousin ... cozy and smooshy in hand like wool, but machine washable.