Bijou Wear - Lillies Teal Size 6

$220.00 CAD $176.00 CAD

Sophisticated, saturated teal ... the kind of teal that goes by no other name ... pops in this wonderful all-cotton easy care woven wrap.

The beautiful Lilies design is anything but a typical floral. You'll not find this sort of handpainted look elsewhere, with striking vertical lines from the stems catching your eye, and complicated weave structures creating the shading of the blossom itself.

The ecru cotton warp of Lilies Fresh provides a sturdy base for the bright yet deeply saturated 45% mercerized cotton teal weft. At 300 gsm, this is a sturdy wrap that does not sag with big babes and toddlers. The wrap is sewn with hems showcasing teal flowers on a white background.

Mercerized cotton wraps are a pleasure to use from the first wash on -- no need to fight to break in a beastly standard cotton wrap in order for it to be usable, though it will continue to soften to a buttery floppiness with use.