Little Frog Adamite Ring Sling

$85.00 CAD

Little Frog Ring Slings @ Hug and Cuddles

We LOVE Little Frog Ring Slings! They are a great budget option, offer a gathered shoulder and have contrasting rails which is a fantastic tool when learning to use a ring sling.  This will help you with identify the top and bottom rail while tightening.  In addition, the coloured stripes are a great reminder to pull on each stripe while tightening your sling.

Little Frog are Polish baby wraps made of 100% soft cotton. They are especially created for the youngest babies - they are thinner and more delicate. .


name: Adamite

type: ring sling

size: M (2 m – longer edge)

country of origin: Poland

colours: pastel green, green, brown

weft: black

weight: 240 g/m2

weft thread:  broken twill weave

composition: 100% cotton

quality certificates:  wraps are produced in accordance with EU norm EN 13209-2 and Eco-Tex Standard (learn more), strength and quality of Little Frog baby wraps was tested by a certified laboratory in accordance with norm PN-EN ISO 13934

accessories: instruction booklet (English) that shows how to tie ring sling


  • material: aluminium
  • colour: Silver
  • size: L
  • source:


Ring Slings are the best solution for "shorter" walk, when you need to wrap your baby quick.


Remember that Admite wraps is designed for the smallest and older children as well - they are a little thicker than other Little Frog wraps (240 g / m2).